Highway 30 Office Warehouses

12600 State Hwy 30
College Station, TX 

Light Industrial Project

Property Includes: • Unifirst • Mudsaver • Insulation Specialties • ACR Supply • United Tool & Fastener Not everyone needs to be in the city. We worked with ACR Supply, a local vendor of air conditioning equipment on a new location. After several failed attempts to locate them in the city, they were feeling beat up by all the regulation of building their facility and all the architectural standards that come with development within the city limits. we took them out to Highway 30 at Bird Pond Road, in the city’s ETJ, where they could build what they needed and wanted. Their building didn’t need ins and outs and architectural features. They just wanted a large metal building to sell their supplies out of. It caught on fast as soon as we had located United Tool & Fastener, Unifirst, Mudsaver, Insulation Specialties to the neighborhood. The owners of Insulation Specialties stated, “We don’t want a fancy building, just a place to sell sheetrock out of”. We helped them get what they wanted. Large space, comfortable offices, loading docks, drive through forklift bays, 26′ eave heights so they could stack products to the ceiling.

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